This is a quick activity that will get any science themed birthday going. Your birthday party guests will have a great little experiment to take home and enjoy.




Eggs (one for each guest)

Clear jar with a lid that screws on tightly (one for each guest to take home)

Permanent marker


Your science themed birthday guests will make an egg bounce.



Put an egg in a jar and cover with vinegar. Leave the shell on the egg and be sure not to crack it when you place it in the jar.

Screw the lid on tightly to avoid any spills. Each guest will be taking the egg home.

Have each guest write their name on the lid with the permanent marker.

Instruct the guests to wait seven days.

After seven days have passed, remove the egg.

Wash the egg. There may be a yucky layer that should wash away easily.

After they have investigated their egg, they should see if it will bounce.