Everybody loves slime! Be the hit at your next science birthday bash by having a super slime celebration. This simple post will give you some quick ideas for putting together a slime buffet for your child’s next science birthday party. Don’t be intimidated as making slime is super easy, fun, and reasonably inexpensive.


Birthday party guest enjoying to different colored slimes.


There are a few main components that are needed to create a successful slime science birthday buffet. We will discuss each in a little more detail later:

Work area




Things to add to the slime

Clean up


A slime buffet is a great hands on birthday party activity.



Slime can get messy fast so make sure you are setting your slime science birthday buffet up in an area that is easy to clean. A table with plenty of seating for your anticipated number of guests is a must. Ensure the table is clear of clutter. A disposable tablecloth is a great way to help protect the table. Sometimes glue, glitter, and other slime components end up on the floor, so it’s best to make sure no rugs or carpet are under the table. If weather permits and the opportunity exists, an outside work area is preferred.


Try and offer clear and white glue for your slime birthday buffet.



There are numerous types of glue available. Some are colored, some have glitter, and several options even glow in the dark! Since we want to have a slime science birthday buffet, we want to stick to the base clear and white glues as to allow the birthday party guests to add what they like later. You can choose to get a bottle of clear or white glue for each guest. The size your pick depends on the amount of slime you want your guests to create.

Another cool option is to get a gallon of slime with a pump dispenser. This is a really cool effect. Each guest can go to the pump and dispense out an amount of glue.

Since we are going for a buffet style slime making activity, I suggest having clear and white glue available for the guests to utilize. Both styles of glue make great slime, while each creates a unique base from which guests can make an awesome slime!


Make slime at your next science fun birthday party.



There are a lot of options here, but my personal preference is to make a Borax solution. Borax is readily available is most laundry aisles at local grocery stores. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of Borax with 1 cup of hot water. Mix well until the Borax is mostly dissolved. You can increase the quantities incrementally to make the amount you need for your slime science birthday party.

Another option is to use liquid starch. My only critic of this option is the slime tends to be a little sticky.

Whether you choose Borax or liquid starch, you will need a way to easily dispense the activator. My favorite thing to do is to get several small squirt bottle from a local dollar store. Put your activator in the squirt bottle and then the guests can spray it on their glue as needed.


Borax solution makes a great slime activator for a slime birthday buffet.



There are several basic things that will be needed to pull of this slime buffet. Your birthday party guests will need something in which to mix the slime. Plastic drinking cups, disposable paper bowls, and Styrofoam bowls are all easy options and of course you can use regular bowls if you don’t mind a little extra cleanup. Plastic spoons and popsicle sticks make great tools for mixing the slime.

You will also need containers to hold the various selections you offer for your guests to put in their slime. These containers will of course depend of the amount and volume of your offerings. The final and often overlooked thing is to please remember to provide something so the slime science birthday buffet guests will have a container with which to take home their slime creations. Zip close bags are suitable and the dollar store will usually has many lidded container options.



There are numerous things to add to slime. Here is a quick list of several readily available options. Once you select the options you would like to offer. Put them in containers that the guests will be able to easily access. Some items may need plastic spoons or other means with which the guest can add the items to their slime.

Food coloring (or water based washable paints)


Colored foam beads


Glow in the dark powder

Gold leaf

Magic Erasers (cut into small cubes)

Green floral blocks (cut into small blocks)

Pearl pigments

Instant snow

Java chips (cut up pieces of crib bumpers)

Model Magic


Prepare several things for the guests to add to their slime.



A slime science birthday buffet will be a little messy. As mentioned earlier, be sure to set up your slime buffet in an area that can be easily cleaned. Have spray cleaner and lots of paper towels ready to quickly grab that inevitable spill. Extra attention may need to be given to the food coloring due to its ability to stain. Water based washable paints are a great alternative to food coloring that will still add color to slimes without the potential for staining kids, clothes, or tables. It is worth mentioning your intent to have a slime science birthday buffet in your invitation and encourage parents to send their children in clothes that can get messy.


A slime science birthday buffet is messy but easy to cleanup.



This is the easy part if you have done all the preparation from above. You will need to set the materials and buffet up in a way that suits your space and easily facilitates slime making for your amount of guests.

Guests can grab a bowl, plastic spoon, and a couple squirts of glue. Now allow them to explore the slime options. Encourage them to add one or two items to their glue and take a seat. Now have them spritz their glue once or twice with your activator of choose. Have the guests begin stirring their slime. The slime should start forming. If the glues remains mostly liquid after several stirs, have the guests add an additional squirt of activator. Once the slime starts forming, the guests can pick up the slime and knead it with their hands. Store the slime in a zip close baggie or lidded container once they are ready to go make another slime!

A slime buffet is a great activity for a child’s birthday party, especially a science themed birthday party! With the basic information provided in this post, you have the information to throw an amazing slime science birthday buffet!