This is a super fun activity to do at your next science themed birthday party. During this activity, each guest will make their own sheet of unique homemade paper. This a great activity to entertain the birthday party guests, but it also allows the opportunity to discuss concepts like reusing and recycling materials.



Kitchen strainer

Little pieces of paper from old mail, used computer paper, etc

Large dry sponge

Rolling pin

Empty plastic water bottle for each guest

Waxed paper

Food coloring (optional)

Old newspapers

Hair dryer


Put the paper pieces into the empty bottle and shake vigorously to create your pulp.



To start with, ensure you have ample working space for this activity.

Cover a table with newspaper to limit the mess.

Have each guest tear the paper you have collected into the smallest pieces possible and fill the water bottle one quarter of the way full with the bits.

Now each bottle half full with water and tighten the cap securely. If preferred, you can include several drops of food coloring into the bottle to make colored paper.

Have the guests count to one hundred slowly as they shake the bottles vigorously. The shaking will permit the paper and water to work and smoosh together to create pulp.

When the combination appears like “slush” then your pulp is prepared.  One by one, have each guest dump the pulp into your strainer in a thin, flat layer. Press as much extra water from the pulp as possible.

Make a working space with layers of newspaper to soak up the water.  Without transferring the layer of pulp with your hands, flip the strainer and let the pulp drop onto the layer of newspaper.

Next, cover the pulp using a piece of waxed paper and utilize the rolling pin to press out any excess water. Take away the waxed paper and put the sponge on the paper to soak up the extra water. You might need to continue doing this procedure multiple times.

Once you’ve taken out as much of the excess water as possible, you can use the hair dryer to remove the last of the moisture. This can take a little time, so often it is fun to let the guests take their piece of homemade paper home on the wax paper. The guest can then put it somewhere to dry overnight.  

Each guest will now have their own sheet of handmade paper.

This is a great activity for eco themed science parties. Making “secret” paper is also a lot of fun during spy themed science birthday parties.