Launch your science themed birthday party into the stratosphere by adding a volcano party experiment to your next celebration! The volcano party experiment is reasonably inexpensive and is an exciting science experiment that will have your birthday party guests smiling from ear to ear. The volcano party experiment is great for dinosaur themed parties or pretty much any science themed birthday party looking for an exciting activity. Start gathering your materials and get ready celebrate your next birthday in scientific style with a volcano party experiment.


Use baking soda and vinegar to create a volcano party experiment.



1 - Empty two liter soda bottle for each guest

1 – Bottle of dish soap

½ cup cold water for each guest

2 cups of vinegar for each guest

Food coloring of choice (optional)

Baking soda

1 – 9 oz plastic cup for each guest

1 – Popsicle stick for each guest


Measuring cups

Eye protection for each guest


The volcano party experiment is great for any dinosaur themed science birthday party.



Depending on the amount of birthday party guests, it may take a long time to save up enough empty two liter soda bottles. Friends and neighbors may be willing to help out so feel free to ask around.

Before the birthday party, remove the labels from the two liter soda bottles. You may want to rinse them out and clean them up if they’re sticky. A sticky bottle will probably not interfere with the experiment but it’s a little gross to provide yucky bottles to guests.

I would avoid depending on guests to bring their own empty bottles. A parent may forget and the last thing you want is someone feeling left out from the volcano party experiment. You may also choose to use just one two liter bottle if they become difficult to source and allow each guest to approach the one bottle and create an eruption individually.

The volcano party experiment must be performed outside so make sure you have an area prepared that can get a little messy, be easily cleaned up, and will fit the number of eruptions you will be setting off. If you add food coloring to your volcano party experiment, make sure the area you are using will not stain.

Once you are nearing the time to perform the volcano party experiment, set up the empty two liter bottles in your outside area. Make sure the bottle are sitting on a level and stable surface. You can put the bottles on a table or the ground. Just make sure if you put the bottles on a table that the guests will be able to reach and pour in their baking soda slurry. Allow enough space between each setup so that the bottle do not get knocked over as the birthday party guests will be excited and may bump into each other and the bottles.

Use the funnel to add 2 cups of vinegar, 1/2 cup of cold water, and several drops of dish soap to each empty 2 liter bottle. If you are using food coloring, add two drops to each bottle.

The volcano party experiment is a great grand finale for a science themed birthday party.


Inform the science birthday party guests that they are about to perform a volcano party experiment.

Each guest should put on their eye protection.

Give each guest a 9 oz plastic cup and a popsicle stick.

Go around and fill each cup about halfway with baking soda.

Now go back around and fill the remainder of each cup to nearly full with water.

Instruct the guests to mix the baking soda and water. This is their baking soda slurry.

Instruct each guests to hold the cup with two hands and to slowly and carefully approach a two liter bottle.

Inform the guest you are about to do a countdown and that they need to keep stirring their slurry while you are counting.

Perform a countdown.

When you reach “1” instruct the guests to pour their baking soda slurry into the 2 liter bottle.

The eruptions will begin shooting into the air!

Have fun with a volcano party experiment at your next science themed birthday party.

A volcano party experiment is a great addition to any science themed birthday party. The collecting of empty two liter soda bottles takes a little more planning than some of our other birthday party experiments, but the awesomeness of this experiment is well worth the effort. Have a great time celebrating your special scientist’s birthday with an explosive volcano party experiment!